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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Giure Grando, the first vampire

A horror plagued the peaceful village of Kringa in central Istria. His name was Giure Grando (George the Great) he was the vampire and he was first.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Where the witches tender the grave of the god

Long time ago while gods still rule the land and and before men drove them in heavens above and nine hells below, lived a very peculiar god. His name was Klek.

He fell in love and died tragically.

Klek resting on his forest bed

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Introduction (who am I and what is this blog about)

First, pardon my English. I am not native speaker so mistakes are possible and very likely to happen but I have no doubt that you'll understand everything I post.

I am nothing but a simple traveler trying to make my way in the Universe. But one who wants to know Universe first must discover his own environment and his country. And that is what is all this about. Discovering something that is unknown, obscure and different, discover interesting people, places and events throughout Croatia.

If you wonder why to travel to Croatia or is there something interesting I'll show you why and that there is.


Everybody knows that Croatia is a land of good food, good beer, friendly people and clean sea.

Not enough? Of course. Why else?

Maybe vampires,


inescapable prisons,

and fallen gods.

 Sound better? Believe me. Croatia was never more undiscovered and more interesting.